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This page is dedicated to sharing serving suggestions and ideas, both ours and yours. 

Please send us your idea so we all can enjoy it.

This Page is under Re-Construction. Please check back from time to time as we add the many new ideas which have come to us.
* Our oldest idea has come out commercially. "Cooking with flavored Cream Cheese". Watch the ads on TV but use TODAY'S SPECIAL Mixes to create any flavor you want...for less money. For years we've been using Cheese Spreads in saute dishes and spooning over noodles or rice to make easy ONE PAN dinners.
Try any meats (even leftovers): Beef, Chicken, Pork (sliced, cubed or shredded), Ground Beef, Sausage or Shrimp.
Brown, saute or heat up your meat, add some veggies or mushrooms, and on medium to low heat stir in the flavored Cheese Spread. Toss in with your favorite pasta, or spoon over egg noodles or rice and enjoy. This is especially good with the "Sweet Pepper &Tomato" mix, but you can use any of the Savory mixes.

* Serve your Spinach Artichoke Cheese Spreads warm either Microwave the bowl or     spread it first and heat in a microwave or broiler. This is great with baguettes, bagels or toast points.

* At breakfast time the Spreads are nice on Bagels. Toast the Bagel first or Spread first and Micro for 10 seconds.

* When using the Mixes in Olive oil, be sure to follow the Hydration instructions. It will taste like you just picked the Herbs and Spices.

* Try baking with the mixes. A wonderful lady brought us some home baked bread which she made in her bread machine. She had added "Bruschetta Mix" right to the dough. Best tasting bread we ever had, and when toasted...YUMMM.

* A Great appetizer: Use "Basil Pesto" in Olive Oil. Place Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese on a Triscut (any flavor), then drizzle the "Basil Pesto: over the top and enjoy.

* Grilling with "Grecian". Use "Grecian" in Olive Oil when grilling Chicken or Pork. It's an excellent and healthy alternative to BBQ sauce,  and the taste is divine. Simply brush on while cooking.

* Pasta Salad. Use any of the Olive Oil mixes in your pasta salads. Just as good as a hot pasta sauce for dinner, the Olive Oil mixes make a delicious and easy dressing for cold pasta salads.

* Bearnaise on Beef. Use the "Horseradish" cheese spread and thin with a little 1/2 & 1/2 to make a creamy and delightful sauce for roasts, prime rib and steaks. 

* We enjoy many of the cheese spreads at room temperature.  When it's not as cold, but a little creamier, we can scoop with corn chips. 

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